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12 of November, 16:51

The Russian foreign Ministry mocked by the Western media The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation doubted that in the capital office are working Reuters reporters. The pretext for similar evaluation was the format of the Western edition, suitable highly selective to the received information.

Recent years, Western correspondents showed highly selective approach to the information received, which affects the objectivity of their materials. These precedents rather strong blow to the prestige of the Western press.

So the official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova said that the Department has asked employees of the Metropolitan mission of the Western news Agency Reuters. They are asked to present about the preparations for the Vienna meeting on Syria and got the answer.

"But the material was posted without comment of the foreign Ministry, referring to anonymous informants. In response to claims in Reuters announced that the material was prepared by the Bureau in London" - quoted LifeNews Maria Zakharova.

"I have a question: so I'm sure you reporters?", - she added. Similar format, selected Western edition, forced to wonder what the employees in the capital of the Agency.

Note, this is not 1 case when Western correspondents in the consequence of diverse private information policy become the target of criticism of the domestic foreign Ministry. For example, Maria Zakharova accused Reuters in participating in information aggression against Russia.

We are talking about the false news, which was distributed by the Western media, that air attacks on positions of the Islamic state allegedly killed peaceful inhabitants. "This is an example of what are we talking about (information spite). The problem is that in the preparation of this large-scale information material Reuters is not called to the foreign Ministry, not once," - said the official dealer of the foreign Ministry.

Previously Maria Zakharova told about how employees of Reuters first signed up for the flights to Rostov region for communication with escaped from the combat zone Ukrainian military, and then halfway changed his mind. Other Western publications also then not sent to the place of events no 1 own journalist, preferring "not to see" the Ukrainian security forces.
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