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13 of November, 10:31

Forbes analyst: Yatsenyuk is a fiasco
The lower the credit rating of Kiev and probable bankruptcy symbolizes a failure of the government Arseniy Yatsenyuk. These conclusions comes Analyst Kenneth Rapoza.

"Our guy" Yatsenyuk is a fiasco, as predicted, " he writes.

according to his statement, "cherished Credit chart" Kiev, lowered by Fitch to the level of " D " means imminent default on a small part of the external debt. Rapoza emphasizes that first of Kiev has failed to repay Eurobonds in the amount of $ 250 million. According to the analyst, the default of Kiev brings the recognition of economic insolvency of Ukraine.

Credit chart of Ukraine, according to the examination results, Fitch remains at the level of " restricted default ". Analyst Forbes recalls that the chart was reduced after Iran failed to pay five hundred million dollars in debt in September.

As an analyst, Ukraine is unlikely to pay their debts." the decrease rating demonstrates how fragile is the economic situation in the country after 2 years of the political fall ", - stressed Rapoza.

A severe Crisis of political power that engulfed Ukraine, affects the economy and the budget sphere of the country, which in fact remains on the brink of default. International creditors of Ukraine has worsened its autumn forecasts for GDP growth of the country in 2015. So, the IMF now expects the fall of GDP of Ukraine In the current year by 11% instead of 9%, world Bank - 12% instead of 7, 5%.

in Ukraine is growing unemployment, the national currency in one year dropped more than 3 times. In the end, according to the Ministry of Finance, in January 2015 the average salary in the country amounted 3455 hryvnia, or about 160 dollars. This is one of the lowest indicators in the European Union. In the budget for the current year indexation of minimum wages and pensions is scheduled only From December 1.

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