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13 of November, 13:50

Tax Ukupnik brought to a nervous breakdown The lawyer commented on the incident with the bankruptcy of a famous artist Arkady Ukupnik and said that he was greatly worried. According to his statement, the actor has lost weight and became withdrawn.

Now Arkady Ukupnik wants to apply to the Tribunal for FTS - for defamation and damage to its business reputation. "It's just shocking case! We went to court, in order to understand the situation. It was found that no debts from Ukupnik and there was not. Maybe there was a delay with the payments, but not too noticeable. Tax Inspectorate explains that the breakdown of the operating system. What does "failure"? This should not be! I am inclined to think that it's just a new kind of "legalized" racketeering by the Federal tax service. In Moscow and Moscow region - more than one hundred thousand (I can't say about the extent of powers) individual entrepreneurs. If you pretend to be a fool to refer to the failure of equipment, and every entrepreneur to require cash, you get a healthy profit. You see, not everyone understands their rights and will go to investigate. People are easier to pay and forget it as a horrible dream. It is designed for all this confusion," announced the lawyer Garik Khachaturov.

According to his statement, Ukupnik lost a lot of weight and became withdrawn. The artist is afraid to once again go to a telephone and wildly tired to justify myself to business partners. With reporters he doesn't want to communicate. "Guys, do not pull me once again. Give time to calm down and recollect myself..." - quoted by Arcadia Ukupnik "Interlocutor".

Remember, the tax in early October submitted to the Arbitration Tribunal of Moscow the claim about a recognition the bankrupt Arcadia Ukupnik. As an explanation, they provided a certificate confirming that the musician overdue payments for the sum more than 700 thousand rubles. However, the Tribunal, for the conversion of the debentures artist, found that the amount of debt much too high and Ukupnik has only to 103.8 thousand rubles with all penalties and fines. As a result, the Tribunal refused to accept the application of the Federal tax service, as this amount does not allow for triggering of the bankruptcy procedure of a physical person.
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