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17 of November, 20:01

Ruble in the evening lost more against the dollar and the Euro as rouble rates
Dmitry Mayorov. The ruble against the dollar and Euro on Tuesday night came in confident plus, Despite the weak dynamics of oil market

Increased demand for ruble liquidity crushed at the moment the Euro below 69 rubles for the first time in a week, and the dollar is below 65 rubles.

The dollar calculations "tomorrow" to 19. 39 GMT decreased by 0, 32 - to 64, 95 ruble, the Euro - 0, 61 - 69, 17 ruble, follows from the data of capital exchange.

The ruble against the dollar during the Tuesday session slightly adjusted down after a notable increase from yesterday, which reached to the closure of 1, 5-2 RUB against the main reserve currencies.

Moderately negative for the ruble was supported by a background of weak dynamics of the oil market. Brent crude oil price fell on Tuesday in territory 43, $ 5.

The continued oversupply in the oil market until not offset by increased geopolitical risks following the terrorist attacks in Paris.

However, the ruble in the last time period get rid of the oil market and live their lives. Support is provided by the low demand for dollar liquidity, as well as increased demand for ruble liquidity at the beginning of the tax period.

Rate MosPrime overnight has approached the record high level over the last few weeks 12% per annum.

A definite positive for the ruble contain aspirations to improve Russia's relations with the West amid mutual fight against crime. The constructive proposals of the Russian Federation on the debt of the Ukraine and prepared to announce her default also have the opportunity to improve Russian-Western relations, is appreciated by specialists.

against this background, in the evening, the ruble lost more against the main reserve currencies. The Euro fell below 69 rubles for the first time this week, the dollar was stuck below 65 rubles.

still the Price of Brent crude oil has dropped below 2, 9 thousand RUB. which was not mentioned for several years. Overbought ruble on oil discourages market participants, as most were off in their game from the benchmark in 3-3, 2 thousand rubles per barrel. Now this range dropped below that But, apparently, not very satisfied with the Ministry of Finance, as budget revenues depend on ruble-denominated oil prices, say experts.

The CBR continues to limit loan companies in ruble liquidity, he introduced the initiative at the REPO auction on Tuesday for just 220 billion rubles more than the week before, said Yuri Kravchenko from IK " Veles Capital "." Serious interest was felt to RUB and at another Deposit auction of the Federal Treasury, where demand exceeded the volume limit (50 billion rubles) three times ", - he added.

"Despite significant Support from the starting of the tax period and limited supply of ruble liquidity from the Central Bank, the ruble looks overbought at the current decline in oil prices, and after the sale by exporters of all currency earnings may be followed by fast correction of the dollar in the range of 67-68 rubles," - said Kravchenko.

There is a factor that allows for some stability of rouble - as can be seen from the reporting " Rosneft ", she received from the Chinese organization fifteen billion dollars in advance payments on long-term contracts for production and delivery of oil, said Alexey Mikheyev from the Bank " VTB 24 ".

"It's radical to rectify the capital account for the Russian Federation at the end of the year. However for the budget in of oil for 2860 rubles good in the end a bit. Indefinitely ignore the drop in the price of petroleum products is unlikely. At some point, the market must start to win back falling of the prices for petroleum products the fall of the ruble, we believe that the breakdown of the post-crisis lows in oil prices throws a ruble from the frontiers, which he had dug in recent days, " said Mikheev.

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