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18 of November, 04:02

Medvedev - about the West: Let the world goes to hell, with Russia unwilling to work
Taking into account terrorist acts, the refusal of some Western countries from cooperation with Russia - a Position against their own peoples, said Russian Prime Minister Medvedev D. a..
a " terrorist act with our plane and the terrorist attack in Paris - the enormous human loss. These developments have exacerbated the global political agenda. War has been declared on the civilised world. The danger is global and, unfortunately, very real, "said Medvedev, who came to Manila, where he will take part in the APEC summit, reports RIA" Novosti ".
"All the more strange is the Stance of some Western countries on Russia," - said Medvedev. He explained that this short Position can be formulated as follows: "Let the world is falling to ruin, But with Russia We do Not wish to work. Yes, the ISIS (extremist group "Islamic state" ) is evil, But Not absolute. No such order for its destruction to cooperating with the Russians. We don't like (the head of Syria Bashar) Assad and sympathize with Ukraine And Russia the opposite type. For this reason, any work, have good contacts, discussion of the Syrian issue. You have your goals in the Syrian campaign, we have ours. We said the Russian boycott, we will Not be friends with them, we will isolate them "." And after blowing up a plane, killed in Paris, killing innocent citizens in the Syrian Arab Republic and elsewhere. Short-sighted and harmful for the entire world Position. The position is aimed against its own people ", - concluded the head of government of the Russian Federation. He said that some Western countries continue to avoid cooperation with Russia even against the backdrop of recent terrorist acts." of course, Russia can live without those contacts. We will, as before, alone to confront terror and defeat in this battle. Perhaps the West can survive. The question is, at what cost. But my deep conviction that in this battle We must be together ", - said Medvedev.

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