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19 of November, 13:30

Ukraine and the IBRD have agreed on a loan in 560 million dollars
Kiev and international Bank restoration and development (IBRD) signed an agreement on granting Ukraine a loan in 560 million dollars for the development of road industry.
during the first joint project of Ukraine and the world Bank have repaired more than 157 km of the road M-03 (Kyiv - Kharkiv - Dovzhansky) and constructed four two-level transport interchange, allowing for the next five years to invest public funds in repairs, reports RIA " Novosti ".
on the first day of the week, leader Vladimir Putin said that the Russian Federation is prepared to allow Ukraine to pay the debt In the current year, and to repay 1 billion dollars throughout 2016?2018. November 5, the United States promised Ukraine a third tranche of 1 billion dollars to reform. On October 23, Ukraine and the EBRD signed an agreement on the allocation of Kiev 300 million dollars for the purchase of gas on the Western border. 16 September, Kiev and the world Bank (WB) signed an agreement on the allocation of Ukraine five hundred million dollars on the development of the financial sector. A severe Crisis of political power affects the economy and the budgetary sphere of Ukraine, in fact the country is on the verge of default. Increased unemployment, the national currency in one year dropped more than 3 times. In the end, according to the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, in January 2015 the average salary in the country amounted 3455 hryvnia, or about 160 dollars. This is one of the lowest indicators in the European Union. According to the State Department of statistics, the population of Ukraine in one year dropped to 164 thousand People. For the first half of 2015, the retail trade turnover in Ukraine fell by 24%, due mainly to the decrease of funds coming residents, caused by high inflation. Ukraine's economy in the 2nd quarter of 2015 fell nearly 15%, falling GDP for the first half of this year amounted to 16, 3%.

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