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19 of November, 18:29

Authorized representative: more than 80% of crimes and arms trafficking in the Crimea is revealed
The situation in the sphere of illegal turnover of weapons in the Crimea and Sevastopol characterized as stable, more than 80% of crimes in this field is disclosed, said at a meeting in Simferopol, the Commissioner Plenipotentiary of the President in the Crimea Oleg Belaventsev.

The Council on security issues, combating bribery and extremism At the Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Crimean Federal district took place on Thursday in Simferopol. The theme of the meeting was the security forces combating illegal trafficking in weapons, munitions, explosives, bombs, mines and other devices, drugs, and block channels move from Ukraine to the site of Russia.

"for 8 months of 2015 in the Republic of Crimea registered 292 lawlessness associated with the illicit arms trafficking. Identified 224 persons who have committed the iniquity of this category, the clearance rate was 81, 1%. In Sevastopol 39 registered crimes, detection of crimes in this category is 84, 1% ", - said the Belaventsev.

With the use of weapons, ammunition, bombs, mines and other devices within the Crimea committed 30 crimes, revealed with regard to the crimes of the past reporting periods is 36, said the Plenipotentiary representative. The belaventsev characterised the situation in the sphere of illegal turnover of weapons "in General as a stable" due to joint actions of security forces and enforcement authorities.

besides, the Plenipotentiary has called the circumstances of voluntary surrender of weapons, and among them, on a reimbursable basis, unsatisfactory. According to him, currently in the Crimea voluntarily surrendered 8 weapons, 200 grams of explosives and 4 explosive device (detonators), 113 rounds of ammunition. Two Residents who voluntarily surrendered illegally stored weapons, has received payments in the amount of 4 five hundred rubles.

in Sevastopol surrendered 180 firearms and ammunition 915. In the government of Sevastopol with claims for reimbursement of the cost of weapons turned 42. Reviewed 22 applications from people to pay financial compensation in the amount of 73, 9 thousand rubles. Only in 2015 for payment for the surrender of weapons to the Crimea allocated 2 million rubles, Sevastopol - 3 million.

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