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19 of November, 19:58

PCT: firms selling in the present time, tours to Egypt, do not violate the restrictions
MOSCOW, 19 Nov - RIA Novosti/Prime. Individual Russian tourist firms that continue to sell tours TO the Egyptian resort of Taba with flights via Eilat in Israel, is not technically violate any of the prohibitions, said on Thursday Last news the press-Secretary of the Russian Union of travel industry Irina Tyurina.

first in the Federal Agency for tourism confirmed that Russian tour operators strictly perform the installation of the President of the Russian Federation on a temporary suspension of air links with Egypt after the terrorist act and the death of 224 Russian citizens during the disaster A321 - don't sell tours to Egypt and not sending Russian citizens TO stay in this country. However, in the media appeared information that the tourist organization began after the break, the sale of permits in Egypt and offer a to go in this country through Israel, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine or Belarus. It is noted that especially popular with the citizens of Russia began to use the Egyptian resort of Taba.

The FREEDOM to move AT your own RISK

"under our Constitution there is FREEDOM of EXIT. Accordingly, citizens have a right to leave the country at their discretion. If a tourist arrived in Israel Eilat, which borders Egypt, where close to border resort of Taba, where a visa-free regime, who forbid him to cross the border and settle IN the Egyptian resort of Taba?" explained the situation Turina.

"travelers do not travel to Sharm El-Sheikh or Hurghada, in the depth of the country not moving. ON what grounds they can ban cross the border and settle in the hotel of Taba? The customer can buy a ticket from a tour operator with transportation in Eilat and a hotel in Taba. In the presidential decree no words, it is impossible to sell the resorts of Egypt. Air travel is forbidden, and Egypt is not prohibited ", - told the head of Department.

"in the presidential decree there is a phrase" to recommend tour operators and travel agents AT the time of prohibition of flights between the Russian Federation and the Arab Republic of Egypt to refrain from sales to citizens of a tourist product, providing air travel (including commercial) Inhabitants from the territory of the Russian Federation ON the platform of the Arab Republic of Egypt, " he quoted the document Turina.

Commissioner PCT stated that companies that send tourists to Egypt, so, a little bit, but they are." While technically they are not violating anything.

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