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19 of November, 23:00

Lawyer Heavenly hundreds of specrate "Berkut" during the execution of the active participants of the Maidan was not
Lawyer Heavenly Hundreds Vitaly Titych on Thursday during a meeting of the anti-corruption Department said that the so-called specrate "Berkut" during the shootings of active participants on the Maidan was not.
"The group, which will formulate as a company of "Golden Eagle" ? she didn't exist. Were the individuals associated in the service under the direction of Dmitry Gardener. No company in the sense of a division of the police Department was not there. This is proved by the investigation ", ? reports the words of a lawyer Hromadske. Tv. He said that these individuals had a specific task "to eliminate the largest possible number of people" that fall under the definition of " terrorism "." because of this, the result will complement the accusations this article, for example against ex-Berkut officers ", - has specified TITECH.
According to Titeca, at an early stage of protests was a deliberate radicalization of the protests. With the same purpose took place With the Murder of police officers, 17 of them during the protests Were killed and about 150 ? were injured." Killing police officers, is absolutely unjustified and unwarranted in the 1st stage of radicalization ? it is clear why and for what purpose Were carried out ", - has told the lawyer, noting that it is unclear what happened with the investigation against the killed policemen Until recently. Remember, the Crisis of political power in Ukraine began after the country's leader Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign an Association agreement With the EU that served as a barrier to participation of Ukraine in economic integration processes With the participation of Russia. Then immediately on independence began to gather the crowd dissatisfied. The confrontation between protesters and the police became increasingly violent, eventually in the process of clashes lost their lives, more than 100 people. February 22, 2014, Immediately after the signing of the agreement between President Yanukovych and the opposition in Ukraine there was a coup. The result of fights on the street, in which the radicals many times used small arms and Molotov cocktails, were dozens of casualties. Until now, the proceedings of events on the Maidan is not finished. The new Ukrainian government were accused of shooting at protesters " Berkut ". It was reported that the order sniping gave Viktor Yanukovych, and carry out the operation helped the Russian intelligence services. In the Russian Federation contested the attachment to these events and question the conclusions of the Ukrainian authorities. At the same time in early March we announced a wiretap of a conversation of the Supreme Commissioner of EU on foreign relations Catherine Ashton and Estonian foreign Minister Urmas Paet. The latter said that the protesters and law enforcement officers forcibly deprived of life one and the same snipers, and It would be beneficial it is the opposition, not the authorities.

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