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20 of November, 12:30

The Ministry of defence DND: Military shelled the airport at night and the outskirts of Donetsk
Equipped with weapons forces of Ukraine fired on the night of Friday from mortars caliber 82 mm and 120 airport and the North-Western outskirts of Donetsk, said on the last working day of the week, a source in the defense Ministry of the self-proclaimed DND.

before local authorities DND reported that the night in the towns and districts of the Republic at the contact line passed without attacks.

"The firing position of the militia in the airport area, the village and the surrounding area Gabishevo" Volvo-Center " from the Ukrainian security forces started around 22. 30. At approximately the same time was recorded the shelling of the village of Aleksandrovka in the Petrovsky area of Donetsk. Punishers cease fire Only in half of the 5th in the morning ", - quotes the source expression (DAN).

according to his statement, the Military were firing From positions in the Sands, Experienced and Maryinka With mortars caliber 82 mm and 120, the automatic easel grenade launchers and small arms.

Also according to the source, the APU per night were released on the outskirts of Donetsk almost 50 min caliber 82 millimeters and 120.

"Only in the vicinity of the airport Ukrainian security forces have released 8 min, with two - caliber 120 mm. 10 min documented in the village of Gabishevo North of Donetsk. The village of Aleksandrovka in the West of the capital, security forces released 30 minutes ", - quotes the source GIVEN.

From 1 September in the Donbass entered into force another truce. At the end of September was signed the agreement about the withdrawal of weapons with a caliber of not more than 100 millimeters and tanks from the frontline. This process ended on 12 November.

The military operation against dissatisfied with the coup d'etat of residents of Donbas lasts more than a year. On February 12, negotiations were consensus about stop fire, the withdrawal of heavy weapons, the introduction to the Constitution of Ukraine for change about the decentralization of power and consolidation of special status " of Donetsk and Lugansk regions ".

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