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20 of November, 11:35

Rapper Serega has engaged with their appearance Rapper Serega has literally disappeared from the sight of the reporters. Meanwhile it turns out that the musician up close. engaged in their own appearance. changed beyond recognition, and broke up with his wife.

The once fashionable the performer of a hit "Black Bumer" confessed in an interview that left the family in Kiev, he moved to Moscow.

Sergei Parkhomenko (real name Serega) is not only the Creator and performer of songs, but as a successful entrepreneur, whose office is located on 61st floor of one of the towers of Moscow-city. After a couple years of being in the shadow of the artist appeared in the starry sky under a new alias polygraph ???OFF. Scenic image of Sergei updated: now this is no ordinary boy from the area in the cap, and pumped the brutal representative of the stronger sex with a piercing glance.

However the musician himself does not hide that he has yet, over than to work. Seryoga problem with controlling my anger. "It's hard for me to control anger, and this is a real problem. My relationship with the fairer sex would have worked out better if I wasn't so direct and harsh. And in that sense, honestly, really envy the henpecked husbands! From time to time is not to notice female stupidity, not to respond to hurtful words, to forgive the fault of attention and unwillingness to understand you. But I did not go to be different. And, most likely, will never see. Assuming that the sons in this sense is not in me went," he hoped the musician.

It is likely, in consequence of intemperance Serge broke up with his wife Pauline. Serge himself has declared that relations are not formed in consequence of mutual misunderstandings. "For a long time to adapt to each other, wanted to somehow get along, but then realized that we are different people, and now live in different homes in different countries. The guys I see often, but not as often as you need. They choose to live with his mother in Kyiv, and my life at the moment is mainly concentrated in Moscow", - quotes Sergey "Telenedelya".

Despite many miles of distance, the rapper is trying to take an active part in the upbringing of their sons: six-year and five-year Mark and Plato. Serge believes that children should develop diversified. Because mark and Plato go to kindergarten with profound study of English, also vigorously engaged in the sport. "Swimming, chess and Boxing - here are 3 pillars on which, I believe, should be sports education of boys. To swim they have learned and continue to go to the pool, chess now play with them, and for Boxing yet. Although I occasionally show the guys some of the techniques, the punches and see what they are interested in it," said Parkhomenko.
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