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20 of November, 14:29

The rebels released several hostages in Mali Hostage-taking at the Radisson Hotel Bamako the capital of Mali freed a few people, including those who could quote the Quran, the Agency reports citing a source in the security service.

first it was claimed that two armed men are holding hostages 170 people at the Radisson Hotel Bamako the capital of Mali. According to Reuters, security forces surrounded the hotel with 190 rooms.

"Action at the hotel Mali have freed several hostages, including those who were able to read passages from the Koran," reports the Agency.

in early August, unidentified attacked the hotel in Sevare in the Central part of Mali and took hostages. Victims of the attack were 13 people. Among the dead five workers of a Multidisciplinary integrated United Nations stabilization in Mali (MINUSMA), four soldiers of the Malian army and four suspected terrorists. The UN agreed that among the dead workers MINUSMA were two Ukrainians, one citizen of Nepal and one citizen of South Africa.

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