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20 of November, 21:00

Demchyshyn: Kiev is doing everything to restore the energy supply of the Crimea
Ukrainian energy shall make every effort to restore electricity supply in the Crimea and southern areas of Kherson region, said on the last working day of the week the Head of Ministry of Ukraine Volodymyr demchyshyn. At the moment of delivery of electrical energy in the Crimea is not stopped, but are carried out not in full.

before the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation has informed that out of order feed-in electricity in the Crimea high-voltage transmission lines 220 kV "Kakhovka-Titanium" and 330 kV " Melitopol-Dzhankoy ". According to the Ministry, electricity pylon in the Kherson region of Ukraine, according to one version, were damaged by the explosion.

"We used all possible resources to re-start deliveries. In order to protect the recovery experts work lines, the Ministry is also preparing a draft government decree on the physical protection of employees of the maintenance services during the work " - quoted Demchishin press service of the Ministry of energy of Ukraine.

at the same time in the Ministry Last news explained that At the moment of delivery of electrical energy in the Crimea stopped. According to " Ukrenergo ", the electricity supplied to the Peninsula for two of the 4 power lines, but they also damaged at any time have the opportunity to fail.

Minister of energy Alexander Novak have said before, that the Ministry has set up operational headquarters for the supply of the Crimea and the evening will hold his meeting.

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