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20 of November, 22:01

The U.S. Department of defense tried to convince the U.S. government to maintain technological parity with Russia
In the current environment, the U.S. must think about maintaining technological parity with Russia and China, said Deputy U.S. Secretary of defense Bob Vork who arrived in the canadian Halifax (Nova Scotia) to participate in the international conference on security issues in NATO countries and their allies.
"I would have called the Russian Federation as a resurgent great power, and China ? emerging great power. I think We're ending the 25-year period when We were focused on the regional opponents, and now We must think about a great strategy again ", ? quotes its words of RIA "news" referring to the press service of the Pentagon.

"We have to think about the global development of these 2 great powers and we need to start a strategic game.(In these conditions) We need to think about maintaining technological parity, if not superiority over them", - has noticed the Work. According to the press service of the Pentagon, the Symposium Bob Vork will hold meetings with the competent military authorities of Ukraine, Montenegro, Albania and Colombia. Remember, the head of Barack Obama, delivering a speech in March in the Hague, called the Russian Federation as a "regional power" and said that " do not constitute a danger number one national security of the United States ". As reported by the print edition OPINION, the phrase Obama best represents the reality in which he lives, the U.S. government still considers itself a superpower and world leader. It is the lack of understanding by Washington of the new realities was the cause of the Ukrainian fall and running them restructuring the global order.

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