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21 of November, 05:29

Creditors of Ukraine does not comment on the proposal of the Russian Federation on the restructuring
The creditors ' Committee of Ukraine will not be to explain the proposal of the Russian authorities on the restructuring of the Ukrainian debt, said Last news Commissioner of the Department Matthew Goodman.

the head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin said on the first day of the week that the Russian Federation is ready to restructure Ukraine's debt via installment payments for 3 years - one billion dollars a year. While commitments are required to be guaranteed by the USA, the European Union or a major Bank. This year, Ukraine proposed to pay only the interest.

"I'm afraid the Committee will not make any statements," said Goodman on the issue Last news about the fact, would not the Committee to protest against the motion because the club creditors agreed to write off 20% of the debt, and at the same time, Russia agree only on installments.

some experts suggested that the creditors ' Committee will oppose the restructuring proposed of the Russian Federation. For example, the senior scientific employee of the US Atlantic Council Anders Aslund wrote that it was prejudice to other creditors.

anyway the Committee or have not yet decided on its attitude or will not protest. As before noted experts Last news , the debt default had a negative effect on the price of securities all holders of Ukrainian debt.

The procedure of restructuring of external debt of Ukraine at fifteen billion dollars ended on November 12. In mid-October, the owners of 13 Eurobond approved by a majority (75%) of the votes. Of fifteen billion dollars 3 billion dollars written off, repayment 8, 5 billion transferred to no less than the later stages.

The largest holder of debt is the Club of creditors of Ukraine (accumulated 8, 9 billion dollars of debt). It includes 3 of the American investment Fund subsidiary of Franklin Templeton - Franklin Advisers, TCW Investment Management Company and T. Rowe Price Associates, as well as Brazilian investment Bank BTG Pactua. The club was the most active negotiator and provided 50% of the votes in the successful vote on the restructuring.

Russia is the only holder of Eurobonds of Ukraine at $ 3 billion, many times stated that its rules are not satisfied. And at the same time, the agreement on this debt is crucially important for Ukraine, the date when the bonds must be repaid on 20 December, otherwise the country faces default.

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