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22 of November, 13:29

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine: All power transmission towers in the Kherson region destroyed
All four power transmission towers in the Kherson area destroyed, there is a Danger that the region will remain without electricity, said Advisor to the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Ivan Varchenko.
"At this point in time we have already destroyed four poles, which lie on the ground and we realize, because it threatens the same, and the provision of electricity within the Kherson area ", - has declared Varchenko in broadcast television channel " 112 Ukraine ", RIA " Novosti ".
Varchenko also said that two militiamen were injured body in the process of clashes active participants and security forces from power lines in the Kherson region." we have two law enforcement officers, one of whom received health damage, most likely a knife wound in the right side of the abdomen and the 2nd concussion caused by a blow with a stick ", ? said Varchenko. According to him, law enforcement bodies consider the version of belonging to the explosions of third parties and people who performed the action. He also said that the law enforcement bodies received a message from a correspondent of the Crimean Tatar TV channel ATR on causing her bodily harm. Remember, on the last working day of the week were damaged electrosupport in Genichesk and Chaplynka districts in Kherson region of Ukraine, for the reason that two of the 4 main power lines through which electricity flows to the Crimea, destroyed. In addition to the repair crews arrived activists blockade of the Crimea, who want to prevent the resumption of full deliveries of electric energy to the Peninsula. In the night of Sunday in the Ukrainian interior Ministry said that the feet of the first damaged power lines blown up. As a result, the Crimea was left without electricity. Later power supply was not fully restored in the Republic introduced a state of emergency. On-site generation has allowed to provide a partial supply in some areas of the Crimea, for example in Simferopol. As said on Sunday, the 1st Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic Mikhail Sheremet, head of the headquarters for emergency destruction, All the major cities of the Crimea is connected to the power supply after the full limits of supply from the territory of Ukraine. While in Crimea the algorithm of the power supply of the Peninsula ? enter schedule an emergency outages.

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