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22 of November, 17:29

Protesters on Maidan called for a third revolution
Several hundred people gathered on independence square in Kiev the "popular Assembly" against the policy of the Ukrainian President and the government.
Protesters stand With posters " don't believe Poroshenko, Poroshenko Impeachment ", near the stage stands With the picture of Prime Minister of Ukraine With an inscription " the Thief must sit in prison ", reports the news Agency.
organizers of the action campaign to combat the new "gang of Poroshenko-Yatsenyuk," the essence of reforms which " take the previous one and assign itself ". From the stage of the accusations concerning the President of Ukraine. According to politicians giving speeches on Ukraine "to replace the criminal regime of Yanukovych" regime Poroshenko ". The organizers of the protests were made by the Plenipotentiaries of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists " OUN ". The protesters believe that " the main war now is Not in the East of Ukraine and in Kiev ", and that the whole country "again must unite around the" Maidan ", " revolution must go on." Activists gathered at the "popular Assembly" on the occasion of the anniversary of the Orange revolution in Ukraine. From 22 November 2004 to January 2005 in Ukraine were held the protests, called the Orange revolution. The protests were begun after 21 November 2004 the Central election Commission of Ukraine announced interim results of the 2nd round of the presidential elections, according to which a 3% defeated Viktor Yanukovych, the former at the moment the Prime Minister. Supporters of the principal opponent of Yanukovych in the elections - Viktor Yushchenko - was Not aware of the election results, considering them rigged. The action began as a reaction to the fraud that influenced the outcome of the election. In the center of Kiev about 2 months underwent a continuous rally and stood tent camping protesters. 3 December 2004 the Supreme court of Ukraine has declared that to figure out the winner is Not possible, and appointed a Repeated valaisiana in the 2nd round on 26 December 2004, i.e. a third round of elections, which is Not specified in the Constitution. Re-valaisiana has recorded a victory of Victor Yushchenko by a margin of 8%.

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