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23 of November, 09:28

ATOR: blackout in Crimea did not cause major disruptions in the operation of hotels
Disconnection of electric power in Crimea did not lead to significant failures in health resorts and hotels in the main resorts in the region, according to a report of the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR).

The Crimea in the night of Sunday was completely de-energized because of the erosion in the South Ukraine transmission towers supplying electricity to the Peninsula. In the region was introduced a state of emergency until full power is restored. Important infrastructure and social facilities of Crimea after the cessation of supplies from Ukraine were connected to emergency power sources, and among them generators.

the vast number of accommodation facilities of the Peninsula switched to the supply of electricity from the generators, so that the livelihood of the tourists is carried out in the proper amount, told "Vestnik ATOR" Commissioners of hotels and host organizations of the Crimea.

according to expert analysis, due to low season now in the Crimea a few tourists. One of the issues that can cause inconveniences travelers in a few days - interruptions from cell phones and the Internet.

No panic, all facilities are in operation. There is no disruption of water supplies, food supplies. It is now introducing fan schedule supply of electric energy that will add more confidence in the work of the accommodation facilities, said Director of the Association of restaurateurs and hoteliers of Crimea Anna Pomazkina.

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