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24 of November, 13:58

Analysts: security strategy of London - response to fresh danger
New defense strategy the UK is responsible for Both fresh and traditional for London safety hazard, interviewed Last news professionals.

on the first day of the week, British authorities revealed a new strategy in the field of defence and security that envisages the allocation of over 10 years of 178 billion pounds to strengthen the country's defense and procurement of new weapons. This document in the UK updated every 5 years.

Vice-President of the PIR Center, Yevgeny Buzhinsky believes That the new security strategy the UK is positively assessed in the U.S. for several reasons, including the prospect of selling London expensive weapons.

"It all fits in the current trend. The UK has lagged behind somewhat in this respect, but at the present time, taking into account new challenges and new threats that they themselves have identified, and among them, the Russian Federation, it was necessary to wait. Weapons, naturally, they will acquire, as the air force and Navy, mostly American, the Americans will be very pleased That their efforts have not disappeared, " said Buzhinsky.

the specialist noted That " in the context of the Ukrainian drop, in the context of European security Russia is a Danger, but with Islamic crime better to fight together."" Totally obscure, but for them the normal approach: in the EU the enemy and in the middle East for almost ally, " he added.

As Buzhinsky said, " all this hysteria on the issue of Ukraine is associated with Russia, pursued one of the aims is to breathe new life into NATO to boost military spending "." Americans have long expressed open dissatisfaction with the fact That the Europeans, and among them the UK, spend little on defence, and up to 2% of GDP, which is defined by the relevant underlying agreements in NATO, most Western Europeans did not hold. As soon as the Ukraine was established, immediately raised the Russian Danger, increasing military budgets, acquisition of new types of weapons, " - said Vice-President of the PIR Center.

Buzhinsky said That Britain does not expect increases in military activity abroad." I don't think Britain is planning to make wider military activity abroad. Only, their Parliament, I think All will agree at the beginning of air operations in the Syrian Arab Republic, because it's seen As inappropriate for All involved, and Britain was kind of in the side. As for other aspects, there is no feeling That they are going to intensify activity in foreign territories, " - said the head of the Department.

Fighting crime in London is inextricably linked with the strengthening of its influence and military presence in the middle East, says Professor of international security at the faculty of world politics of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov Alexey Fenenko. According to him, this is the justification for such high spending on upgrading military equipment According with the new strategy." There are different levels of threats, and terrorism is one of them ", - noted the expert.

"The British, Like the Americans, apparently, mean fighting crime parallel strengthening of its position in the middle East and the conduct of military operations there," said Fenenko.

Thus, the reference of Russia in the list of threats in the new British security strategy is justified from a strategic point of view, said Fenenko." Who else has the ability to be for them a real threat? Needless to say, since the days of the cold war, we and the United Kingdom, and the United States oriented their cars the most important thing in conflict with each other ", - said the expert.

Fenenko noticed That in the plane of strategic relations between Moscow and London continues to be based on mutual deterrence." Once we build our relations on location and mutual nuclear deterrence, we are of priority opponents for each other ", - the Expert believes.

A key element of the new British strategy was the upgrade and modernization of military power. After a series of terrorist acts in the world, the British government decided to increase spending on the purchase of military equipment, weapons and equipment for 12 billion pounds. Among the most significant purchases of fighter-bombers of the 5th generation F-35, aircraft, Maritime reconnaissance and fresh nuclear submarine.

States anti-terrorist offices of special services will be increased, and the financing themselves of special services will grow to 2 billion pounds over 5 years.

specifically, the Fund of struggle against criminality will be increased by thirty percent, to fifteen billion pounds. Funds will be directed to the establishment of suspicious passengers, fresh monitoring measures on the border to combat weapons smuggling.

Also will be increased and assistance to other States. Fifty percent of the 11 billion budget for foreign assistance will be used to support fragile countries and regions.

Russia's strategy in a separate Chapter, often it is mentioned in the other chapters, mostly in a negative way. Simultaneously, the United Kingdom, despite the large number of disagreements with the Russian authorities are ready to cooperate with Russia in the security sphere, as well as among them in the battle with the terrorist organization " Islamic state ".

in connection with the threat, which convinced the British government that emanates from Russia, need to adopt measures - Both military and economic nature.

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