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25 of November, 09:19

The Russians demanded to expel the Turkish Ambassador from Moscow At the premises of the Turkish Embassy in Moscow held a rally in protest against the actions of the Turkish air force, shot down a Russian su-24 aircraft over the territory of Syria. Taking into account the opinion of all participants, is the fact Ankara supports terrorists from the "Islamic state".

The incident on the Turkish-Syrian border, the result of which was shot down by a Russian plane, has caused a wave of indignation in the Russian capital. About 600 residents and concerned residents went to the Turkish Embassy in Moscow to declare your own protest against the actions of the Turkish air force.

The audience in chorus shouted "Turkey! Shame! ISIS!", "Do not forget, do not forgive!" and "Murderers!". Sounded and slogans related to assessment attacks Vladimir Putin - "This is a Turkish stab in the back!".

Besides all this, the protesters yelled, "the Ambassador of Turkey, get out!". Some, however, shouted "Come out!", calling an authorized dealer Ankara to Moscow to answer right in the 7 th Rostov lane.

Among the protesters was allocated sanctioned group "National liberation movement", which is chanted about Russia, Putin and freedom. Appeared the motorcyclist, also a group under the flag of "Officers of Russia". The demonstration came several Syrians who unfurled a flag of their own power and added his anger to everyone.

"The people of Russia in the highest degree outraged by similar actions of the Turkish side. No one doubts that this offence is considered nothing more than aiding and abetting terrorists and supporting is prohibited in the Russian Federation organization "Islamic state". For all of us it is considered a Backstab. The murder of a Russian soldier lies entirely on the conscience of the Turkish authorities", - said the initiators of the rally.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that the current loss of su-24 - a blow that struck the Russian Federation in the back the accomplices of the terrorists. According to him, the plane was shot down over Syrian territory by a missile "air - air" with a Turkish F-16 aircraft. With all this Russian plane was over the territory of Syria - at a height of 6 km, one kilometer from the Turkish border.

The President stressed that the collapse of the Russian su-24 in Syria will have severe consequences for Russian-Turkish relations. The head of Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov after the disaster, postponed the visit to Turkey, and the Russian foreign Ministry issued a recommendation to refrain from visiting this country.
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