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27 of November, 15:00

Ministry of energy: energy Supply to Crimea resumed, despite the restored power lines
Repair work on power lines "Kakhovka-Titan" in Ukraine is over, But electricity supply to Crimea restored, said Deputy Minister of energy of Russia Andrey Cherezov.

"we have information that Repair work on the line" Kakhovka-Titan " completed. Even the inclusion of this line would provide the power of granting Ukraine, about 150-200 MW. But hope has long been lost. Accordingly, all events are intended to provide a minimum level of supply of electric energy to consumers ", ? the news Agency of the intermediate message broadcasted in TV channel " Russia 24 ". Saturday the repair crew Ukrenergo has completed basic Repair work on restoration of one of the 4 damaged power lines in the Kherson region, leading to Crimea. However, proponents of the "blockade" of Crimea said that in the future will not allow repairers to the power line Kakhovka ? Titanium. In the night of Sunday before the damaged supports of power transmission line were blown up again. Crimea was left without electricity. Later power supply was not fully restored in the Republic introduced a state of emergency, the algorithm of power supply of the Peninsula ? enter schedule an emergency outages. In Crimea on March 16 of last year held a referendum on the status of autonomy, more 96% of participants who were in favor of joining region in Russia. 21 March 2014 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the law on ratification of the agreement on joining of the Crimea and Sevastopol a part of Russia, and also the decree about formation of the Crimean Federal district.

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