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28 of November, 22:28

Diesel generators sent to the Crimea in the column of " Gazprom "
Diesel generators of various capacities, going to the Crimea in the column of Gazprom, said Deputy Minister of energy of the Russian Federation Andrey Tcherezov.

"The fifties, shestidesyatki, thirty are in the column of" Gazprom ". They are already out, today will be the room of the machines, and keep him under control, " said Cherezov at a meeting of the operational headquarters on emergency destruction.

Crimea is experiencing due to the cessation of supply of electric energy from the territory of Ukraine. Last Friday in the Kherson region have been undermined by power transmission towers supplying electricity to the Crimea. Currently electricity supply to the Peninsula from Ukraine is completely finished. In the region introduced a state of emergency until full power is restored.

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