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30 of November, 10:18

Shunina was beaten by employees of one of the hotels in Turkey Goalkeeper of the Russian Federation and Moscow "Dynamo" Anton Shunin was hit in an unfortunate history during your holiday in Turkey. The famous athlete and his brother were beaten by employees of one of the hotels in Antalya.

In summer Anton, together with his brother Eugene settled in a five star hotel Rixos Sungate. Sea, sun, beach, spiritual gatherings in the open air - the mood was great. Come and friends - have someone to while away the evening in the all inclusive. Anton temporarily forgot that in the "Dynamo" was launched strict savings, and leading players left the team, which virtually eliminates the possibility of fighting for medals in the championship.

But the stay was spoiled: the football player and his brother in Antalya serious naminat side. As informs "Express Gazeta", the conflict occurred on June 14 2015 at about 22:30 when Sunny entered the fray on increased tones with hotel employees. In consequence, the Turks cruelly beat brothers, inflicting numerous bodily defects. The victims have sought medical help. They later wrote a statement to the Turkish police and the Prosecutor's office, and on his return to the Russian Federation filed a complaint to the Savelovsky district court of Moscow.

By the way, the football player of "Dynamo" the trip to Turkey cost 937,7 thousand. Eugene Shunin chose a more presentable tour for 199 thousand. Now Anton and his brother, outraged and offended to the core, requiring travel companies to return their spent cash on the tour.

Also, they would like to receive the payment is about 550 thousand rubles. The brothers believe that the firms failed to ensure their own safety, violating the terms of the contract. "After what happened I'm going on holiday to Turkey? I don't know, not thought. We, the players, and for training in Turkey often go" - briefly responded to the scandal Shunin.
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