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30 of November, 20:31

Aksenov: in Crimea opened about 60% of schools
Now in the Crimea opened about 60% of schools, classes are not more than 4 hours a day, said the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov.
"now works 321 school of 556. We decided the regulation on the subject under consideration to give to the municipalities. They hold the committees on education meeting and determined which schools, if any educational institution in which the regime will operate ", - has said Aksenov in the air of television channel " Russia 1 ", transfers news Agency. The head of the Republic said that All open schools " will be working on a short timetable: four hours a day training, half-hour lessons ".
before the first day of the week Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak said on December 7 in the region will start to work All school. He clarified that the Russian Federation in the shortest possible time decides the problem of Crimea's energy supply. The press service of the Crimean Department of the emergencies Ministry reported that total electrical power generation on Monday was grown in the Crimea almost up to 50% of the total needs of the region ? to 551 MW. On Sunday the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov reported that up to December 7 will be running All boiler houses of the Crimea. On 23 November, the Ministry of education, science and youth of the Republic reported that the schools of the Crimea in connection with the emergency situation due to deficit of electric energy transferred to a shortened work schedule: the duration of lessons will be shortened to 30 minutes, and the change ? up to five minutes. On the night of November 22, prop damaged earlier transmission lines were blown up again. Crimea was left without electricity. Later power supply was not fully restored in the Republic introduced a state of emergency, the algorithm of power supply of the Peninsula ? imposed schedule outages. Crimea hopes to become independent of electricity from Ukraine because of the energy bridge from the Krasnodar region. All preparation steps of the Crimean side to receive electric power from the power bridge is finished. The head of the Ministry of energy of Russia Alexander Novak said that the bridge is required to begin work on 20 December, but maybe it will happen Earlier. The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov expressed the hope that concrete developments from the Krasnodar region will start to work already on 5-6 December.

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