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30 of November, 22:58

Putin agreed with Obama the General steps for settlement in the Syrian Arab Republic
The head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin said that he negotiated in Paris with the President of the United States of America Barack Obama tactics of common actions to resolve the situation in the Syrian Arab Republic.

"We spoke about Syria, the most important thing. Spoke about the fact that in the near future is obliged to be at the centre of our attention - this is a list of organizations that We consider terrorist, the list of organizations that are representatives of the "healthy" part of the opposition, spoke about the tactics of our common action on the political track, and in General, in my opinion, there is an understanding of where to go ", - he reported on the results of the negotiations on the margins of the climate conference in Paris.

Putin said that " if We are talking about the need for a political settlement, it is necessary to work on a new Constitution, new elections and the monitoring of their results."

according to his statement, a portion of the conversation was devoted to the settlement on the South-East of Ukraine." spoke about the necessity of full performance by all parties of the Minsk agreements ", - he added.

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