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5 of December, 11:59

In France called shame the words Poroshenko about the similarities between ISIS and militias
During his visit to the UN climate summit in Paris, Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko expressed his condolences in connection with French attacks, saying that the Parisians had experienced that Ukraine is "a daily reality" for two years. The French public reacted negatively to the attempts of the Ukrainian President to compare a terrorist accumulation of IG (DAIS) with the militia of Donbass.

after Poroshenko tweeted about the similarity of events In France with civil war in the Ukraine Empowered many French media were quick to comment on the statements of the Ukrainian President.

"As the head of Poroshenko dare to say that the terrorism faced by France Is everyday life In Ukraine for 21 months? Shame, " wrote on his page on Twitter journalist Stefan Sian, writing for major media - Le Figaro, Le Soir, Le Temps, and iTele Canal.

"Disgusting attempt by Poroshenko to apply the Paris terrorist acts to draw attention to Ukraine. It is dishonest and disgusting, " wrote journalist Gulliver Cragg France24.

"The words Poroshenko about the environmental disaster in the Donbas is justified, but to say that the Danger faced by Ukraine, is a terrorist, is a crock ", says Cragg.

"Not at all. Tactless remark and attempt to use the Paris attacks to draw attention to Ukraine, Mr. head, " he said on Twitter the Ukrainian President, the journalist of the news portal Mashable, covering the events in Ukraine, Christopher Miller.

The evening of November 13 in Paris, terrorists carried out a series of attacks, which injured 130 people, more than 350 were injured. Responsibility for the terrorist acts took on their own shoulders the so-called "Islamic state" (in the Arabic version of DAIS prohibited in Russia).

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