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3 of December, 10:58

A super flare on the sun will destroy the Earth The Sun can be a super flare that will be able to destroy the Earth. To such a disappointing conclusion was made by the astrologers, discovered using the Kepler telescope in the milky way galaxy double star, the emission of which resembles ordinary flash in the Sun.

As an article published in the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters, tells us that the astrologers found in the milky way galaxy double star KIC9655129 that is capable of sverhuspeshnyh. As we are told by scientists, such sverhuspeshnyh occasionally occur in different stellar systems.

With all this power of the explosion at KIC9655129 a thousand times greater than solar flares. Researchers point to shared physical characteristics of these phenomena and everyday releases of energy in the Sun. For a start we are talking about multiple waves, whose properties correspond to ordinary solar flares.

Given the opinion of one of the authors of the study Pag Chloe, the Sun is also capable of sverhuspeshnyh - the explosive process of energy release. To the great delight, the probability of such sverhuspeshnyh on our body, though it is confirmed indirectly, but still supremely small, convinces the scientist.

"If the Sun happens sverhuspeshnyh, it will have destructive results for life on Earth. GPS and radio communications will be interrupted. In addition, we can expect large-scale outages. To the great delight of the conditions required for the emergence of superspace, it is very unlikely for the Sun", emphasizes Chloe Pag.
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