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2 of December, 11:33

The militants "IG" accidentally blew themselves up (video) The action of the Islamic state blew himself in an attempt to demonstrate mastery of the grenade launcher. The incident was caught on video, published media. That directly led emergency actuation of the weapon is unknown.

Action is prohibited in the Russian Federation the terrorist organization "Islamic state" accidentally blew himself up. Extremist, probably, decided to show their mastery of manual anti-tank grenade launcher in the video.

The operator took action. The shooting occurred indoors, most likely in the destroyed building - this is indicated by a crack in the wall. The terrorist initially prepares his weapon, then raises one pose, and then changes it.

However unexpectedly, the grenade launcher fires. The terrorist thus undermines itself, the room instantly gets covered in smoke, and the operator abruptly ends the shot. Western media that have placed this video, not tell, what was the basis of explosion, and also what directly happened behind the scenes.

Days.Roux wrote that in the representation of the "Right sector" (the activity is prohibited in the Russian Federation) in the Sumy region there was an explosion. The result is immediately determined that the cause of the explosion and his only victim was one and the same person. As informed followers of the organization, he blew himself up. Did he deliberately or the result of negligence, has not been reported.

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