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1 of December, 16:51

North Korea got rid of AIDS North Korea declared itself a state free from AIDS. Thanks to the "great healthcare system" in the country there are neither 1 patient with a deadly virus.

The DPRK government announced that the country was completely rid of AIDS, informs RIA Novosti referring to local edition. As recognized by the Korean government newspaper, the latest report showed that in the country there are neither the 1st case of infection with the deadly virus.

It is noted that the acquired result was achieved thanks to "the great health care system and the implementation of national policy." "Our Republic will continue to strengthen the control over the sanitary work for the prevention of AIDS and strenuously to safeguard the fate and health of inhabitants of our planet", - stated in the publication.

Besides all this, on the same day in Pyongyang people's cultural Palace there was a meeting on the occasion of world Day of fight against AIDS. It was presented the report on the situation of HIV-infection in the other States propaganda performance of the people's hospital of the Moscow district of Sason.

Previously the authorities have said that they have developed a drug that cures a deadly disease - Ebola virus, corona-virus, and even AIDS. It is known that a miraculous cure called Kumdang-2 researchers found in 1996. Product is formulated from ginseng, which is grown with the help of specialized fertilizers and mixed with rare earth components.
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