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6 of December, 16:58

The Ministry of defence DND: the accusations of Kiev in the contraction of tanks unfounded
The Ministry of defence self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic called unfounded accusations of Kiev in the retraction of militia tanks to the line of contact and the shelling of positions of security officers.

first Ukrainian Authorities told that the militia has placed tanks in Gorlovka. They also reported violations of the ceasefire from the DNR.

"The fact that they blame, but do not provide any facts about the presence of heavy weapons, nor the facts of attacks. We facts about the attacks provided by Spartak and Donetsk airport, for example, " - told reporters the Deputy head of the headquarters of the militia DND Eduard Bacurin.

The Ukrainian authorities in April of last year began. According to the final data of the UN, the victims of the conflict began more than 8 thousand people.

From 1 September. At the end of September was signed the agreement about the withdrawal of weapons with a caliber of not more than 100 millimeters and tanks from the frontline. This process ended on 12 November.

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