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7 of December, 04:59

Poroshenko: Ukraine will restore the supply to the Crimea on one branch
The power supply of the Crimea one of the 4 branches in the near future will be restored by Kiev, said the head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

"I think the emergency supplies in one thread will be restored in the near future, by the way, in consultations with the Crimean Tatars ", ? leads RIA "Novosti" message Poroshenko in the interview to Ukrainian TV channels. On November 22 Ukrainian extremists with the connivance of the authorities staged energoblok of Crimea by blowing up power transmission towers supplying electricity to the Peninsula. The Crimea for a week and a half remained without electricity. On 3 December, with the assistance of President Vladimir Putin has been ahead of time launched the first phase of power bridge to Crimea with the Russian mainland. As long as the Peninsula gets a little more than fifty percent of the required number of energy. On the last working day of the week people's choice Rada Refat Chubarov said that the civil power blockade of the Crimea agreed to supply electrical energy at one of the 4 high-voltage lines " Kakhovka-Titanium ".

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