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8 of December, 15:18

Iraq is ready to impose sanctions against Turkey 4 December Turkey under the pretext of supporting the Kurdish militia in the fight against terrorism was sent to the province of Nineveh in Northern Iraq about 150 soldiers.

Turkey took this step without the necessary authorization Baghdad, Iraq is preparing a response, including the appeal to the international community, and the introduction of financial penalties.

Turkey, whose step has already lead to a significant complication of the situation in the middle East, has created another source of tension. This time the object of provocation was Iraq, in which without appropriate permissions has entered the armed forces power.

Now Baghdad is considering the response that will follow for Ankara. "The government of the power to appeal to the UN Security Council, the League of Arab States, as well as resort to financial constraints in the case when Turkey refuses to respect our friendly and good-neighbourly relations will not withdraw its troops from Iraqi territory", - quotes Agency Sputnik adept the Iraqi government.

With all this, there is a risk that an incident can turn an open conflict armed forces 2-States, not only the introduction of penalties. Ankara was given an ultimatum - she needs to withdraw its troops at a certain time, then to respond to the threat will be not politicians, and the military.

"Militia of Iraq will take suitable measures against Turkish forces, if they categorically refuse to leave the Iraqi countryside in a period set by the government powers. We do not need to announce it", - said the press-Secretary of the people's militia, Karim al-Nouri.

According to some sources the number of Turkish troops crossed the Iraqi border, reaches thousands of people. Besides all this, the invasion was attended by military equipment - tanks and armored personnel carriers.

In Turkey announced that the troops arrived in Iraq to prepare the Kurds to war with the "Islamic state" (organization banned in Russia) in the framework of the international coalition. "The Turkish soldiers reached the area of Bashika the city of Mosul. It is considered part of routine training the Kurds. In the area arrived 1st battalion," said 1 of the civil servants.

In Iraq, however, such pesky "help" was chosen to consider the act of aggression. And yet, even at the risk of another cause international uproar and cause a severe trial in the middle East, when in the region as never before consent is required for joint struggle against terrorism, Ankara to withdraw its own military is not in a hurry.
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