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10 of November, 09:49

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine expressed outrage at the decision of the European Commission on the OPAL gas pipeline
The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine expresses its indignation because of a European Commission decision to allow the Russian organization Gazprom to use up to 90% of the capacity of OPAL pipeline in Germany, believing that the infractions of the Treaty on the Union with the EU, said the Deputy foreign Minister Elena zerkal.
"Approval of such decisions without prior consultation with the Ukrainian side is non-compliance with article 274 of the Treaty on the unity between Ukraine and the EU, which provides for the mutual accounting of the parties of the potential and opportunities of energy infrastructure ", ? quotes its words news Agency.
at the meeting with head of the EU delegation to Ukraine, Hugues Mingarelli serkal said that the parties were obliged to hold meetings on actions in the sphere of ensuring security of supply of energy resources. She is confident that the Commission is in the process of preparing such solutions should not violate the obligations during participation in the Treaty establishing the Energy fraternity. On 28 October the European Commission approved the extension of the access of Gazprom to the OPAL gas pipeline, which is a continuation of the " Nord stream ". Before sources said that the permission of the EC to the extended admission of Gazprom to the OPAL pipeline will be valid until 2033. The print edition GLANCE, a detailed analysis of this decision of the European Commission. First, the Ukrainian company "Naftogaz" has complained to the EU that in case of increasing the access of Gazprom to the OPAL gas pipeline, It will lose from 290 to 425 million dollars annual parish funds. At the same time, experts underline that due to restrictions on the use of the pipeline suffered the most important Gazprom. Russian Firm investing together with partner 1 billion euros in the construction of the OPAL had limited opportunities to choose the path of delivery of gas to European customers. If we proceed from the estimates of Naftogaz, the annual loss, which was carrying Gazprom, is estimated at 530 million dollars for failure to use 50% of the capacity of OPAL. Now all the money will go to the Russian organizations.

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