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25 of October, 14:44

The police of Vladivostok checks in the seaside aquarium The police of Vladivostok checks in the Primorsky aquarium. Notoriety brought him to a corruption scandal, for which the construction and opening of the facility was delayed for several years. The issues came to the staff of the aquarium. There are dying animals. In mournful list of 2 walrus, Beluga, sea lion, bottlenose Dolphin, and today found dead 2 dolphins.

Today it became known about the death of another of the inhabitants of the seaside aquarium. This time was not the two dolphins. They participated in the water show, and as it became known, in just a few hours before training the body of one animal were found next to the pool. Reportedly, almost immediately died the second Dolphin. There is information that from his mouth was foaming. And now one version of the story referred to the violation of water quality in the basin. Perhaps she was too chlorinated. The Dolphinarium is closed indefinitely. And the staff of the aquarium carefully monitored, so reporters with cameras went on the site.

The Dolphin show was a favorite view of visitors. The incident has caused a lot of shock. And though the townspeople were waiting for the opening of the Oceanarium, it was supposed to happen 4 years ago, was postponed countless times, accompanied by high-profile criminal cases. Now come back less willing. Upon the death of the animals being tested already and know for sure the death was not violent.

We can talk about alarming trends. Only this year in seaside aquarium, for various reasons, killed a Beluga, walrus, bottlenose Dolphin. Only in 2016 it killed 7 animals.
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