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24 of October, 15:37

On the Yamal Peninsula was wrecked helicopter Mi-8 In a plane crash in Transbaikalia killed the owner of the gold company, the pilot of the helicopter "Robinson" and the passenger. On the Yamal flew doctors from Moscow for inspection who survived the crash of another helicopter, the Mi - 8. The procedure starts with the identification of 19 of the victims.

In Novy Urengoy started the procedure of identification of dead bodies. The region got dozens of relatives from other regions of Russia. It is expected that there will arrive relatives of crew members from Kazakhstan. Now all work conducted with the assistance of physicians and psychologists. As for the relatives themselves psychologists EMERCOM of Russia. With regard to the new data in the investigation of the crash of the Mi-8 criminal case under article "Violation of safety rules of operation of air transport", entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons. Investigators do not exclude that in the near future, a criminal case can be retrained on other article, if the temerity, for example, will not change for negligence.

However, while considered 3 versions of the crash: bad weather that was in the time of the disaster, equipment failure and human factor - perhaps piloting error. Also in the city administration continues to work operational headquarters, which deals with the accommodation of relatives of the victims. It is known that in the hospitals of the city are still 2 people who managed to survive the crash. Investigators now doctors were allowed to conduct investigative actions with the survivors in a time of disaster.

It became known that Valery Svetlichny, who was in the tail section of the helicopter, miraculously escaped, thanks to the fact that at the time of the crash the tail is literally ripped from the main part of the helicopter. Young man for a few minutes before the fall noticed that the blades of the helicopter started to shake, and as he spoke, the crew members began to realize that a collision occurred. The young man decided to send an SMS to your family, like many, that they are about to break. He woke up on the ground. Saw that almost all the dead, has become an urgent call from another cell phone and call a distress signal. Due to this call, as they say investigators failed to detect the exact location of the helicopter crash. It is expected that the procedure of identification of bodies could last at least 3 days. The flight data recorders will be deciphered by the specialists of the interstate aviation Committee. However, it is unclear this will take place on location or in Moscow. It is known that they are practically not affected during the crash, and that means that you can restore exploded the whole picture of what happened.
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