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19 of October, 15:44

In Murmansk collectors threatened to kill 1.5 year old child In Murmansk have opened a criminal case against the collector who threatened to kill 1.5 year old child. The girl's grandmother took out a loan of 25 thousand rubles, and turned out to be - 200.

A young mother Irina lives in fear for several weeks. Collection company promises to deal not only with her but also with her daughter. The phone's ringing girl, last time, from her hands grabbed the phone man, Aslan introduced himself and said that he would come to our home and we will burn.

The threats were made after grandma Irene were not able to pay off the loans. She owed to microfinance institutions to about 200 thousand rubles. Threats against loved ones is covered the entrance of the house where the family lives. Grandma Irene was asked to defer payment of debt, but, according to representatives of microfinance organizations, the basis for cancellation of the credit agreement may be used only the death of the borrower.

In the capital of the Arctic is not the first case when the debt collectors knock with threats. A couple of weeks ago the inhabitant of Murmansk, indebted to the Bank 10 thousand rubles, threw a cat with a severed head. Under the door was a note that says "you'll be Next". In fact the threat of murder criminal case is brought. Its investigation took under personal control the chief of city police.
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