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22 of September, 17:12

In the US, riots gaining momentum In the U.S. city of Charlotte, North Carolina, riots. The reason - the murder of police of a local resident.

Not riots, but a riot. In Charlotte declared a state of emergency. Police reinforcements wearing helmets and flak jackets can't cope. The Governor gave the order to intervene the national guard. Burning trash cans, the crowd has Windows and car Windows. The police flying Molotov cocktails, she answers with tear gas. 20 wounded guards. One of the protesters on the brink of life and death after a gunshot wound to the head. Shot by the police, and someone from the crowd, convince the authorities. But can't hear them. One of the objectives of the attack were journalists. The press of the crowd does not believe in the reporters see enemies. The social network, where many share their exploits inspire new outrages. It all started a day ago. Citizens took to the streets, blocking one of the highways, after police shot and killed a black man. The victim's name is Keith Lamont Scott. He was accused of insubordination. Officers chased the other suspect when he came across Scott. According to them, in the hands of men they saw the gun that he refused to throw away. Relatives claim that the gun of the patrol took the book.

Almost simultaneous incident occurred in Tulsa, Oklahoma, even amid all of these stories looks egregious. For a camera at a patrol helicopter, was the last second of life Terrence Crutcher. Stopped on the road black man, despite the demands of patrol, slowly walked to his car. Unarmed, he was hit with a Taser, and then already, finished off the weapon of a female police officer. Barack Obama had held telephone talks with the mayors of the churning from the turmoil of cities, promising to provide assistance in case of need. To whom it stronger is needed - the authorities or the citizens. With the beginning of the year, police officers from the United States shot already 706.
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