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12 of November, 14:49

In Ukraine banned the German action because of the "good" the employee of FSB
The film "crazy Nick" (Tschiller: Off Duty) the production of kinokomaniya Warner Bros, which was filmed in Germany, with Till Schweiger in the main role was banned in the Ukraine because the action is a positive hero-the employee of FSB of Russia.
The decision on the last working day of the week eleven November, has rendered an expert Commission of the state of Ukraine." according to the script the main character of the German actor til Schweiger stole the daughter, cut out her kidney and was sent somehow to the capital of Russia. He searches for her, finds himself in the capital of Russia and in the end, "gallant FSB major " save the situation", reports the portal "News" words of the Deputy head of the state Agency on problems cinema of Sergei Neretina.
"We today, the Film discussed, and the law clearly says about what We ought to ban it, despite the fact who owns this product. If there is a positive image of the police employee organizations of the Russian Federation, We are obliged to impose a ban on " - He told. The film by Christian Alvart with Till Schweiger in the main role tells the story of a senior Commissioner of the criminal police Unit, which at the time administrative leave is trying to establish a relationship with the daughter, who can not recover after the murder of his mother. One Sunny day, she decides to revenge the murderer of the mother and disappears without a word to anyone. Partner of the Chiller manage to find out where the escaped girl, traced the whereabouts of her mobile phone. Istanbul is the murderer of the wife of Firat Astan, who managed to escape from prison, ibid grabbed her lawbreaker Suleyman Seker and sold into slavery in the capital of Russia. In February of last year the Ukrainian Parliament adopted the law " On introducing changes in certain laws of Ukraine On protection of information Teleradio space ", meaning the movies with the " Russian propaganda ". According to the state Agency of Ukraine on issues of cinema (Goskino), At this point in time was prohibited in the country already more than 430 films and serials of Russian production. In early January the government of Ukraine issued a decree according to which the state of Ukraine denied to give distribution certificates to films with actors "threatening state security" of the country.

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