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6 of September, 16:14

In Crimea found a gateway to the Kingdom of Bosporus In Crimea found a gateway to the Kingdom of Bosporus. The so-called founded by the Greeks in the I century BC, ancient state with its capital in the center of modern Kerch.

The corridor of years. Unique archaeological find. Walls and a deep ditch - gate of the Bosporan Kingdom. The main entrance to the ancient state. A kind of trade route. Here there was a road connecting the capital of the Bosporan Kingdom, Panticapaeum with the policies of the centre and West of the Crimea. This Grand structure was built probably in the I century BC, during the reign of the Bosporan king asandra. This is a kind of border, a bridge crossing over an even more ancient boundary line. Otoparki shaft.

In the ditch, the depth is 5 m, the width exceeds 8 m, it was found grandiose architectural archaeological structure in the form of travel, decorated stone gate. It has no analogues. Ancient wall, archaeologists discovered at the site of the shaft, where it passes the route of the gas pipeline "Krasnodar region - Crimea". Work on its construction will start only after the completion of the expedition. Part of the fortifications of the bridge was destroyed. Perhaps as a result of the earthquake. Versions several. Here every stone is a valuable source of information. Ancient jug and a plate, the archaeologists found in a female burial of the ancient time. Among the finds and burial of a later period. The remains will be sent for examination. And an impressive collection of ancient artifacts will join the collection of the East-Crimean Museum-reserve.
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