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25 of August, 13:05

A tornado hit Central Indiana Two tornadoes struck the city in the Central part of Indiana on Wednesday, tearing roofs off houses. The rubble fell on parked cars.

The national weather service gave a warning that the city is moving a "large and devastating tornado"It appeared about 10 miles East of Kokomo, or about 40 miles North of Indianapolis.

"It's crazy. It's a madhouse, " said Mitchell Carlson, maintenance technician at Park Place Apartments in Kokomo. According to him, the complex has 16 buildings and "probably eight of them left without a roof." It is estimated that 20 to 30 cars were damaged by falling trees and air conditioners. Officials declared a state of emergency for Howard County and Central Indiana Kokomo district.

The Declaration States that all roads in the city and County are closed to cars, except the ambulance until 9 PM. Utility companies reported more than 39 thousand of victims who were left without electricity in the County of Howard.

The Department of homeland security Indiana follows the damage from a tornado, but had received no immediate reports of serious injuries or death, according to spokesman John Erickson. "We are asking people to stay in safe places, in basements, especially if there is a warning of an impending tornado, so that they can be relatively safe," said Erickson.

The weather service also reported that they observed a tornado Northwest of Montgomery County new Ross, or about 35 miles Northwest of Indianapolis.
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