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18 of August, 13:02

In South Louisiana from flooding killed 13 people In South Louisiana from flooding killed 13 people. 5 people died in East Baton Rouge, 3 in Tangipahoa, 2 in the parish of St. Helen, 2 in the parish of Livingston and one in the rapids. Approximately 40 thousand homes suffered from the deadly flood.

People whose homes were flooded some of the heavy rains in Louisiana remain in shelters, living with friends or relatives or sleep in trailers on their front lawns. Others are unable or unwilling to leave their home, live among the dirt and the omnipresent risk of mold in the August heat.

Many flood victims need to rebuild their homes. Others do not have insurance against flooding and means to repair their homes. They will have to find a new place to live.

The flood that struck the Rouge and Lafayette in the Baton killed 13 people. More than 30 thousand were saved, and at least 70 thousand have registered for Federal assistance in the event of disasters. 11 thousand are in shelters. The national guard has also saved thousands of Pets, according to CBS News.

Insurance Commissioner of Louisiana Jim Donelon said that only 12 percent of homes in severely affected areas in Baton Rouge was covered by insurance from floods, and only 14 percent in Lafayette. He called these figures are shocking. Many residents said they were not required to have flood insurance, and it was not, since nothing remotely like this has ever happened before.
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