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5 of August, 17:03

In Italy a cargo aircraft landing crashed into a fence A cargo plane of company DHL skidded off the runway and end up on the road near the airport in Bergamo, Italy, early Friday morning.

The plane, a Boeing 737-400, lost control during landing, veered off the runway and went through a fence on a nearby road. Firefighters extinguish a plane that skidded off the runway at the airport Bergamo Orio al Serio airports in Northern Italy, vacatures through the fence on the highway on Friday, August 5.

On Board was a 2 person captain and first officer. No one was injured, said Italian authorities. Boeing 737-400 cargo plane of courier company DHL is on the road after he rolled out on the runway while landing at the airport of Bergamo Orio al Serio, Italy, Friday, August 5.

During the incident at the airport was heavy rain. Apparently this was the cause of the accident. Dramatic footage of the incident showed the plane, which was rolled out on the road and the wreckage on earth. Workers estimated that it would take several hours to clear this part of the road.
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