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29 of July, 11:08

In Morocco, an elephant killed 7-year-old girl 7-year-old Moroccan girl has died after in a zoo elephant threw a stone at her. Managers at the zoo in the capital Rabat confirmed the details in a press statement.

The girl died a few hours after she was brought to the hospital. The video shows how zoo visitors crowded around the girl and holding her head, which gushes blood waiting for the ambulance.

The Park management said that the girl was injured after the elephant threw the stone out of its shell. The girl was in the area, with his family, looked at the elephant and tried to photograph it.

Zoo Rabat does not use a metal fence to separate the animals from visitors, but has a great moat and a wooden fence. Zoo officials have sent their condolences to the family of the girl and said in a statement that the zoo meets the required international safety standards.

This is the first case of its kind since the zoo opened in early 2012. There are no previous records of the animal, resulting in death or serious injury visitors.

Zoo in the capital city of Rabat is one of the largest in Morocco, home to many animals, including some endangered species.
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