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22 of July, 09:44

Donald trump has put forward a presidential candidate Donald trump has drawn a terrible picture of America is sliding deeper into poverty, violence and corruption, and declared himself the only man who could prevent the disaster.

Billionaire twice promised to be the "voice" for working Americans, to restore law and order and to confound the elites and the doubters, winning the election in November. "Nobody knows the system better than me, so I alone can fix it," trump said. "My message is that things must change and they must change now."

Trump, whose unpredictable campaign broke all the rules of policy, depicted America as a broken nation that only he can fix. "I have a message for you all: the crime and violence that today shatters our nation will soon be over," he said. "Since January 20, 2017, security will be restored."

A long speech trump with a clock frequency of one hour and 15 minutes - this was the crucial moment in his transformation from a brash magnate and reality TV star with sometimes vulgar language to the policy on the threshold of the presidency with an expansive vision of devastating changes.

Ivanka trump introduced his father, on the biggest night of his political life.
"For more than a year, Donald trump is the people's champion, he nominee of the people," she said. "This is the moment, and Donald trump is the man who will make America healthy again."

Trump to pledge as the President promised to protect LGBT Americans, referring to the attack last month at a gay club in Orlando. Trump has repeatedly criticized Hillary Clinton, his Democratic opponent for the "bad decision" and accused President Barack Obama of expanding racial separation.

GOP candidate drew attention to the recent riots the police in Dallas, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and elsewhere to mourn "violence on our streets and the chaos in our society."

He portrayed himself as a strongman who could quell the violence. "When I'm sworn in next year, I'm going to restore law and order in our country."
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