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18 of July, 10:58

In the United States killed three law enforcement officers In Baton Rouge on Sunday killed three law enforcement officers and wounded three more. Police across the country and in Louisiana in particular, is in high alert after Dallas was killed 5 policemen. The police of Louisiana announced last week that it has received threats against police in Baton Rouge.

Sunday offender from Kansas city started shooting at his 29th birthday. Two police officers and a Deputy Sheriff were killed, said police sources. The offender was African-American, a former marine who spent some time in Iraq. The police announced that the murder weapon, most likely, was a semi-automatic rifle AR-15.

One of the officers posted a message on Facebook ""I swear to God, I love this city, but I wonder, does this me. In the form I get a nasty, hateful views and the uniform some see me as a threat. ... These difficult times. Please do not let hatred infect my heart."

Two law enforcement source told CNN that long rented a car in Kansas city to get to Baton Rouge. Given that long posted a video on YouTube from Dallas on July 10, he probably went to Baton Rouge via Dallas.

President Barack Obama on Sunday condemned the killings and all attacks on law enforcement officers.

"We as a nation loudly to make clear that nothing can justify violence against law enforcement officers," Obama said, speaking at a briefing at the White house. "Attacks on police are an attack on all of us, and the rule of law will punish the perpetrators."
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