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15 of July, 15:18

Among the dead in the attack in nice there are Russians In Moscow, people bring flowers to the building of the French Embassy. The building of the French Embassy on Bolshaya Yakimanka street in the morning the people bear flowers, light candles and put the lamps in memory of those who died in nice after the terrible terrorist attack.

At the Embassy in the morning appeared the first posters, and notes with words of sorrow and condolences. On slips of paper people write words of encouragement such as "Stay" or "Pray for nice". Morning, reporters managed to talk to several people who brought to the building of the French Embassy flowers, and they said "the tragedy of the whole country. Of the whole nation. And people around the world are crying with France. 84 people on the promenade in the holiday. It's just a nightmare. Doesn't fit in anything. What and why? I don't know." "It's innocent people. They have suffered because of stupid people. We're really sorry. It is very cruel". "Apparently, we all need to forget any past misunderstandings and work together to unite to fight terrorism. Obviously, the efforts of individual States is not enough to defeat this evil".

Victims of the terrorist attack on the Cote d'azur were tens of people. The tragedy occurred on the evening of July 14, when France celebrated a national holiday - the Bastille Day. At the Embassy of France today, reinforced police squads. There are additional barriers, the area around the Embassy are regularly controlled and inspected by the police. Muscovites continue to come on the Big Yakimanka and to bring flowers.

During the terrorist attack in nice killed one Russian, her friend got injured, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. The location of three of the Russians is still unknown.
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