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15 of July, 12:51

"Equal" is another model of an ideal society Movie heroes this week are building the perfect society of the future and trying to survive in this world is not perfect. On the screens of the documentary masterpiece "Sea of fire", who took the top prize at the Berlin festival.

The documentary "Sea on fire" was voted best film of the year. Picture arouses curiosity. "Sea on fire" is not inferior to feature films. It has a tight plot, charismatic characters, a lively sense of humor and genuine tragedy. To the island of Lampedusa in the Mediterranean sea moor daily hundreds of refugees from Africa, swim across the ocean on old boats. Well, if half get live. Among the heavenly landscapes of the island, the author confronts nenavyazchivo 2 contrast world, which in a collision will inevitably change.

After the championship of Europe on football of the acute shortage of sporting sensations can make a movie. Rent the story of the legendary athlete Jesse Owens. The sports drama "will Power" like all good films about sports don't fixate on it, and generously mixed into the story historical, political, love and social ingredients. Jesse Owens, not just an athlete. He went down in history as the man who defied Hitler and discrimination of people of color in General. In short, he ruined the German Olympics in 1936 in Berlin, winning 4 of the discipline, and pokolban the myth of the superiority of the Aryan race. This story did not change anything in those years, but later said a good echo in the struggle for the rights of blacks. And the fate of Owens as a person quite interesting.

And finally, in the dystopian "Equal to" another model of an ideal society will be tested. Ideal world without feelings and emotions. A world without inequality, poverty, nenavisti, but without love. Sterile white buildings, a microchip in your wrist, work-home, home-work. If people like the labour of bees suddenly come out of the stupor they are recognized by patients and written off for scrap. Youth dystopia, the audience is already full to the limit, but do not rush to cross off my list a picture of "Equal" she is not like all. This pre-chamber, the author's fiction, narrating, not as pathetic as it sounds, the irresistible force of love that can defeat the fear of death to push for the unexpected. Viewers expect strong emotions and non-trivial ending.
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