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14 of July, 15:03

The capital region was hit by hurricane The capital region was struck by a hurricane. 7 reported injured, felled hundreds of trees, torn power lines.

Lightning, like a light show appeared in the night sky of the capital. Lightning hit in the Ostankino tower. 20 minutes later it started raining wall. In some areas, has passed the grad. Shelter from a tropical downpour was not all. Knee-deep in water, drove the passengers of one of the buses. An hour later the Moscow road turned into a draught of the river on which floated the cars. The storm knocked down 300 trees in the city, damaging a parked car.

From under the trees and billboards, emergency workers pulled 22 cars. The wind was such force that tore metal roofs off houses, tore off utilities. At night, rescuers began the aftermath of a hurricane. Broken power lines. In Mozhaisk district remained without electricity for 130 residents. The wind knocked over the fence and broke the bump stops on the capital's roads. Due to a fallen tree stopped "Filyovskaya line" metro. All morning the utilities are trying to cope with these consequences.

On the streets of Moscow this morning, uprooted trees, blown down signs. At the crossroads night fell the traffic light. In social networks, dozens of video and photos.

Nature struck and Belarus. In Minsk, powerful gusts of wind felt the airport. Flooded many streets. "Storm of the century" Belarusians called cyclone, which took place in Minsk. The stream of water was flowing wall. Squally wind almost to the ground bent the trees. That the heavens have prepared a serious test in Minsk know in advance. Emergency declared orange severity. All day over Minsk were clouds.

Suddenly, the sky turned black and for a moment shed the monthly norm of precipitation. After 20 minutes the sun came out and people have appreciated the consequences. The most disturbing news was from the international Minsk - 2 airport. The liner of the company "Belavia" during taxiing crashed into a cargo An-12. Passengers during the incident on Board was not. In the town and suburbs hundreds of broken trees. Damaged cars, broken wires. Half of the transport arteries of the city flooded. The water level in the first hours after the storm reached half a meter. On some streets traffic is stacked. Cleaning the tractor was the most appropriate means of transport to evacuate passengers from a flooded station. The water subsided after 2 hours, the city returned to the usual weather.
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