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12 of July, 14:55

The powerful downpour flooded the Krasnoyarsk In Siberia, came the cyclone, which brought a sharp drop in temperature and thunderstorms. Powerful rained down on Krasnoyarsk.

The roadway of the street Railway turned into a raging river. Several cars covered with water. The car stalled and blocked the way. Drivers save transport. And water flooded Free and Krasnoyarsk avenues, streets Bryansk and Kirensky. Movement is hampered in almost all the Central highways. On the streets there is serious traffic.

In the underground pedestrian crossing on Krasnooskolsky formed the present lake. Do not save even rubber boots. People cross the road, risking their lives. People are outraged by this situation and the fact that we have to run across the road.

In the morning the rain water is pumped to the utility. Work in the strengthened mode. Forecasters say that the rainy weather will last in the city till Thursday. And then will come to the region heat.
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