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24 of October, 15:50

In the Kharkiv region seized counterfeit vodka for 1, 2 million dollar
Natspolitsiya of Ukraine seized in a vodka enterprise in Kharkiv region more than 590 thousand Bottles of counterfeit alcohol, the Price of counterfeit goods is determined in 1, 2 million dollars, said the press service of the Ministry.
according to militiamen, the company produced alcohol, which is not held by the reporting documentation. In order to further sales of these products were marked received on the company brands of the excise tax of Ukraine, which then was recognized as destroyed. Officials of the company worked in collusion With employees of the fiscal service, RIA " Novosti ".
"police seized more than 590 thousand Bottles, the total value of which reaches nearly 30 million hryvnia (about 1, 2 million dollars). Also, police confiscated more than 1 million hryvnia (about 40 thousand Dollars), " according to the report. Open case under the criminal code according to clause " illegal use of excise duty stamps for sale items ". During the investigation field investigators of management of protection of the economy and police investigators in Dnipropetrovsk region together With employees of regional Prosecutor's office conducted 13 searches within the Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv regions. In this October 18, it was announced that a day in Ukraine from a surrogate lost his life five people - plus everything in the Kharkiv region. In Ukraine recorded a surge of poisoning surrogate alcohol. Messages about alcohol poisoning began to arrive on 21 September, poisoning and deaths were recorded in the Kharkiv region and Kharkiv, Donetsk, Luhansk, Mykolaiv, and Zhytomyr regions. At the moment the number of deaths from poisoning with poor-quality alcohol has already reached 65 people. As mentioned by the print edition OPINION, it is possible that there is a direct link between the poisoning and the catastrophic state of the Ukrainian economy.

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